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Convenient meeting locations in Rochester:

If you have over $750K in investable assets, we are happy to meet with you in Rochester. Our standard minimum (without a meeting) is $600K.

Financial Advisor Rochester / Wealth Manager Rochester Discover tantalizing dining choices, versatile meeting space, and a prime location at The Kahler Grand Hotel - the closest full-service lodging to the Mayo Clinic. Quality care and thoughtful service make this historic hotel the ideal destination in downtown Rochester. The Kahler does more than provide a room for the average guest on vacation or a business trip. Many people stay at the Kahler for a few days following their visit to the clinic.

The Kahler Grand Hotel
20 SW Second Avenue
Rochester, MN 55902

Financial Advisor Rochester / Wealth Manager Rochester

Pescara invites those with an appetite for fresh forward food to share small plates, savor fine wine and enjoy selections from sea and land. Located in the newly renovated DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Rochester, it's the perfect place to gather for business lunches, or pre-theater appetizers. The Doubletree is conveniently located right in downtown Rochester.

150 South Broadway Avenue
Rochester, MN 55904

To schedule a meeting with Ciovacco Capital Management in Rochester, please email:

Financial Planner Rochester / Private Wealth Manager Rochester

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