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CCM Atlanta - Meeting Locations

As independent money managers, we provide long-term wealth & estate preservation strategies and prudent investment advice in a challenging environment for investors. If you are looking for an asset manager or money manager who takes the time to monitor and manage risk, Ciovacco Capital Management may be a good fit for you.

Atlanta Money Manager, Financial Advisor, Financial Planner

Money Management - Nationwide Service
Fee-Based Accounts - Low Household
Minimum Investment Level of $600K

We manage money for individuals and business owners. Below are descriptions of our household minimum investment level, client fee structure, and possible next steps for prospective clients (see flow chart).

Household Minimum Example: If you have an IRA worth $400K and a taxable account worth $250K, for a total of $650K, you would meet the household minimum of $600K.

Reasonable Fees - An Excellent Value: Our typical client with a moderate growth objective pays between 0.6% and 0.85% of their account value annually in management fees to our firm. That means you need to improve over your current annual returns by roughly 0.6% to 0.85% to justify our fees or break even. In a difficult investment environment, this range of fees is very reasonable for global-macro, professional advice each year.

Financial Planner Atlanta / Private Wealth Manager

Fee Discounts / Asset Thresholds

  • Clients with household accounts over $2,000,000 may be eligible for a 5% reduction in fees.
  • Clients with household accounts over $5,000,000 may be eligible for a 10% reduction in fees.
  • Clients with household accounts over $10,000,000 may be eligible for a 15% reduction in fees.

Money Manager: Interested In Becomming A Client? Next Steps

"Win-Win" Fee Structure

Our management fees are based solely on the value of your account. Our only objective is to see your account grow. We are also highly motivated to avoid poor performance.

If You Want To Learn More/Take Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more, you can send us an email with "please send me a client profile" or "I would like to schedule a time to talk via phone". More information about contacting CCM can be found on the Ask CCM Page.

Financial Planner Atlanta / Private Wealth Manager

Household Calculation - Minimum Investment Of $600K

Household account values are calculated based on the total value of all household assets (sum of all household accounts) managed by CCM. Corporate accounts under the direction of an individual or authorized officer are included in the household account calculation.

Trusted Custodian For Your Assets

Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab, is a leading provider of custodial, operational and trading support for independent investment advisors. Using Schwab as primary custodian, Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC has access to a wide range of products and support to help investors reach their financial goals, including:

  • Full range of investment strategies and trading services
  • Wealth management services
  • Technology and service support
  • Safeguards designed to protect assets
  • Strict ethical business practices

Nationwide Service: With the Internet, email, fax, FedEx, and phones, we service clients nationwide. You are looking for the best money manager to meet your needs, not just the best manager in your local area. Every step of the process described below can be done via conference calls, emails, etc. Email now to find out more.

If you compare our rates to typical hedge fund fees, you will begin to realize what a good value this represents.

Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC ("CCM") is a Registered Investment Advisor pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. The following information is provided in order to respond to the questions set forth in Part II of Form ADV, the form which investment advisors use to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or individual states. While Form ADV Part II may not flow well as a document in terms of readability (since it follows a specified format), it does provide important information for both current CCM clients and prospective CCM clients, such as advisory services and fees, types of clients, methods of analysis, education and business standards, conditions for managing accounts, investment discretion, etc. Click here to view CCM's Form ADV Part 2 (opens PDF file)

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* = Subject to registration requirements.

** Rates subject to change based on portfolio weightings. Rate shown above is based on our Model Growth Portfolio as of November 2006. Your actual rate may be higher or lower based on your individual investment needs.

***Clients also pay trading costs and transaction fees. Stated actual returns include all fees.

Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC ("CCM"), is a Registered Investment Advisor pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.
Click here to view the firm's ADV Part 2.

These materials have been independently produced by Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC. Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC is independent of, and has no affiliation with, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab) or Charles Schwab Bank. Schwab has not created, supplied, licensed, endorsed, or otherwise sanctioned these materials nor has Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. conducted any independent verification of the facts and representations underlying these materials.