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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Minimum Household Investment $600K

  1. I have an asset allocation plan already. How can CCM help me improve my odds of investment success? Answer
  2. Why do you prefer to be contacted initially via email? Answer
  3. What about a buy-and-hold/rebalance strategy using a diversified mix of mutual funds or ETFs? Answer
  4. What differentiates the CCM Market Model from traditional "forecast and allocate" methods used by many large Wall Street firms? Answer
  5. Does your model use ETFs exclusively? Answer
  6. After following CCM on the web and watching videos, I am ready to get started. What is the next step? Answer
  7. Does the CCM Market Model only allocate between stocks and bonds? Answer
  8. Can you provide some dated historical context of how charts and data can help identify lower probability or bearish periods? Answer
  9. Can you provide some dated historical context of how charts and data can help identify higher probability or bullish periods? Answer
  10. Does the model invest in individual stocks or individual bonds? Answer
  11. Can the market model short stocks? Answer
  12. Is the market model the holy grail of investing? Answer
  13. Can probabilistic models handle harder cases, such as 1987, 2008, or the 2010 flash crash? Answer
  14. What about dividend-paying stocks? Answer
  15. How does CCM communicate with clients? Answer
  16. Can you provide a referral from an existing client? Answer
  17. Are ETFs tax-efficient relative to mutual funds? Answer
  18. How often does the model trade or adjust allocations? Answer
  19. Should I be concerned about trading costs and tax implications? Answer
  20. Is it better to run the market model in an IRA/tax-deferred account? Answer
  21. Why did the model struggle in 2014-2015? Answer
  22. I already have Schwab accounts. Can you manage them? Answer
  23. Can I use multiple accounts to meet your investment minimum of $600K? Answer
  24. How do I establish accounts at Schwab? Answer
  25. Can I establish accounts at Schwab and then come to CCM? Answer
  26. The vast majority of my assets are in my 401(k). Can you help me manage my 401(k)? Answer
  27. My accounts are at Fidelity. Do you manage Fidelity accounts? Answer
  28. Assuming I begin with a 100% cash deposit or transfer, how would you invest my money? Answer
  29. What is the market model's objective and what is a reasonable expectation of how the model will perform in a bull market and a bear market? Answer
  30. How do I know my assets are safe at Ciovacco Capital Management? Answer
  31. Do I have to liquidate my existing positions before becoming a CCM client? Answer
  32. Are the Schwab account documents available on your website? Answer
  33. Do all client accounts look the same or is there some customization to address my individual situation? Answer
  34. How is it possible for CCM to adjust all client accounts in a timely manner? Answer
  35. How do the three portfolio models differ (moderate, growth, aggressive)? Answer
  36. How did you avoid "curve fitting" when you built the CCM Market Model? Answer
  37. If I transfer assets from another firm, how long does it typically take and will CCM assist me with that process? Answer
  38. Can I make withdrawals from accounts that CCM manages? Answer
  39. I need to make annual required minimum distributions (RMD) from my IRA. Can CCM help me with that? Answer
  40. How do I make deposits to my Schwab/CCM account? Answer
  41. Will my account be subject to a lock-up period? Answer
  42. Do managed accounts remain in my name? Answer
  43. Your website lists a minimum investment as $600,000. There are also references to minimum investments greater than $600,000. Why the discrepancies? Answer
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