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PCRA ManagersThe vast majority of my assets are in my 401(k). Can you help me manage my 401(k)?

The answer is yes if the 401(k) is associated with a former employer, meaning you no longer work at the company. If the 401(k) is sponsored by your current employer, the answer may be no; the exception is active 401(k)s that are held in a Schwab PCRA (Personal Choice Retirement Account). In most cases, we can manage a Schwab PCRA account by having you sign a Schwab PCRA LPOA (limited power of attorney). We can forward the Schwab PCRA LPOA via email, fax, overnight, or U.S. mail. Please email us to request the latest version of the form. More information on self-directed brokerage accounts within retirement plans can be found on this PCRA page.

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