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Principal Matters MostHow does CCM communicate with clients?

You may be familiar with the "face time" commercials on TV. Intuitively, meeting with clients face to face or scheduling regular phone calls appears to make sense. However, a short story can shed some light on the negative impact of inefficient communication. Assume your money manager works with 80 households. If the money manager spends 30 minutes per week per household in meetings, over lunch, on the phone, playing golf, answering emails, reviewing external investments, or producing reports, that adds up to 40 hours per week, leaving little-to-no time to conduct research, monitor the markets and manage risk for clients. Therefore, CCM has established efficient forms of communication using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and our blog Short Takes. Clients know where to find information if and when they want it, allowing us to focus on the primary task at hand - managing your account.

80 households x 30 minutes = 40 hours

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